Christmas Countdown! App Reviews

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App aber ich frag mich was an der Pro version anders ist??

Great app!

Best Christmas countdown

My Life

I love this app!!!!!

so amazing

This app is really cool and accurate, love how it has different types of countdowns, my cousins love the how many sleeps countdown! Overall really well put together! (The music makes the app)

Great App

Love this app its great really gets me excited for Christmas cant wait!

I love it!

I love using it! 483 hours to go! I love knowing how many hours, days, weeks, heartbeats, seconds and other things, there is to Christmas. If you are debating wether to get it or not I say YES!


Its a fun app to have amongst the others.


It works absolutely perfect. Couldnt get any better!


This app is so cool! You get to know exactly how much longer till Christmas!


It would be nice to add more music options otherwise its good. ☃

Best app ever

All I have to say is that this is an amazing app. It is great for your kids and it is fun to have. It also has mins,heartbeats, etc. I highly recommend it

The best countdown

I love this app.


Very good

Merry Christmas

This app gives me joy every time I open it and its cool how many heart beats there are left


If you want to know how many days till Christmas in a fun way get this app!!!

Fun app

Fun to check every five minutes and good music. Everything you need to know about how long till Christmas.

Great App!

Its a great app that makes it fun to count down to Christmas with! Although I would maybe add in a couple of games as in every new day starting at 30 days until Christmas theres a new mini game you could play. That would make it even more funn!!

Christmas count down

I love this app so much


Love it


Cant keep track of days but I have countdown and it really helps

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